It’s never been easier to discover, invest and share in the success of the property market.

Crowdinvesting is a cost effective way to invest Here at BitOfProperty we believe in complete transparency. There are no hidden fees ensuring you are completely aware of the costs associated with your investment. In fact we believe that by harnessing the power of technology we are able to offer opportunities that would historically have been unavailable or uneconomical due to the costs associated in managing such investments. The breakdown of our fees if given below.

Arrangement Fee


Every investment carries a 2-4% initial fee. This contributes to the cost of setting up the asset structures and administration costs of on-boarding investors.

Administration Fee


Our management fee is 10% of the gross income. This is designed to cover the ongoing costs of managing the investment company and its assets.

Success Fee


Our profit is tied directly to yours! When an asset is sold at a profit at the end of the agreed investment term, BitOfProperty will receive 15% of the net capital appreciation.

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